Intuitive Design 

A unique approach to color consulting and design that helps you manifest the space you want without a lot of headache, wasted time and money.

A design catered to your needs wherever you live


The Color Psychic

Jennifer, The Color Psychic, is an intuitive who has an innate ability to tap into her client's core character and to assist and direct the best possible choices for them in both color consulting and design. This process has been proven to shorten the time involved in choosing elements that truly reflect her client’s tastes. Her clients know that she has their best interests at heart and that allows for confidence in Jennifer’s suggestions and decision making. By making color and design decisions, fun is infused into any project!


An intuitive ability to tap into your core character & discover the best colors for your space.


Each work becomes a masterpiece with Jennifer's eye for detail.  


Inspiration to set the mood, tone, and energy of every space.

why i do it

Attention to Detail.

Let’s face it, design projects can be daunting.  They always seem to start out as exciting, but eventually all the minutiae of decisions and options build into a giant ball of stress. Whether you are building, remodeling, or refreshing, Jennifer Comfort can help you breathe easier.  Jennifer can help you through the entire design process, making sure that the result (a home or space) is exactly what you want. From cabinets to light switches to paint color, every detail is important in crafting your finished masterpiece!

Jennifer has an innate sense about color choices that match both your home and your personality.


Jennifer Comfort is simply the best.  She has an innate sense about color choices that match both your home and your personality.  We have used Jennifer for at least 4 different houses, all of which were very different styles, over the last 15+ years and she always comes through with amazing choices and thoughtful suggestions.  We initially hired Jennifer to help us select the exterior paint colors for a Victorian style house and she put together a palate of colors that were exceptional and really brought our vision for the house to life.  Over the years, Jennifer has helped us with everything from selecting colors to full interior design services.  We have had an absolutely beautiful result every single time.  She is patient, timely, cost conscious and fun.  We can’t say enough great things about her.

Your surroundings matter.

Your surroundings are so important. They set the mood, tone, and energy for everything in your world. Whatever you want your space to communicate and inspire, Jennifer is happy to assist to perfect it with expert color consulting and design. Her goal is to create a space that you love with as little stress to you as possible. Because Jennifer is The Color Psychic, she intuits and executes the best choices for you and your goals.  All you have to do is enjoy!

Her skills with color are without comparison and I trust her completely.


Jennifer Comfort is simply amazing!  Her skills with color are without comparison and I trust her completely.  She is gifted in quickly understanding clients on a deep level and chooses colors that work, sometimes in unexpected ways.  She has selected all the colors in our home and my only regret is that for one room I thought her choice was too bold and asked her to dial it back. Well, it turns out she knew me better than I know myself because my only regret is that I didn't follow her original guidance. Not only is Jennifer incredibly skilled, she is also a wonderful human being. Working with her is truly a delight and she brings kindness, calm and supreme professionalism to all that she does. Undertaking a home renovation of any size can bring stresses and challenges, but engaging with Jennifer only brings joy.  She gets my highest recommendation!

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