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I was working with a new client today, and she was telling me how she liked my name The Color Psychic.  Then she asked me a question that I don’t often hear: how did I come to be The Color Psychic.  The story still gives me goosebumps, so I decided to share it with you… I had recently begun doing in-home color appointments for Belcaro Paint.  I was at the house of a young professional who told me that she wanted her whole house to be light neutrals.  As I went from room to room picking the paint colors, I came to one room that made me stumble.  As I was looking around her study, I kept seeing a purple color on the walls.  I told myself that she wanted neutrals, and the rich purple that I kept seeing was NOT neutral.  I finished selecting the colors and presented them to her.  At the end of the appointment I asked her what she thought.  She said, “You did exactly what I asked you to do, and I love all the colors.  But I have to admit, I was secretly hoping for more of a color in the study.”  I flipped to the purple color on my fan deck that corresponded to what I had seen on her walls.  “Is this what you had in mind?” I asked.  “That is EXACTLY what I wanted!” … and The Color Psychic was born!


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What am I doing?
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